A Bath Towel Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a Queendom.  In this Queendom, three children lived with their mother (the Queen) and a magical maid who cleaned up and kept the house running.  Everyday, the children would bathe and drop their towel on the floor, only to find it on their hook in the bathroom the next day.  If the maid slacked off, and a towel was not waiting for them on their hook in the bathroom, the children simply used a new, clean towel.

Sometimes, when the maid had really slacked off and there were no clean towels to draw from, the children would scream for their Queen mother as if there were some dire, life-threatening emergency.  Of course, this made the Queen drop whatever she was doing and come dashing up the stairs – only to find that one of her darling children required a fresh towel.

Then the economy tanked, the magical maid had to take a higher-paying job elsewhere and the Queen suggested that the children put their own towels away.  This was a reasonable request, but brought on a slew of blame and unrest in the Queendom.  You see, no one could really say which towel on the floor was whose because all of the towels were white.  It had always been this way.  Towels were white because you could bleach them clean.  That was just the way it was.  It was a very difficult situation.

Until one day, when the Queen took mushrooms and went out into the wide world on a crazy shopping high and stumbled upon towels which were not white!  They were colored!  And patterned!  The towels mesmerized her with their undulating swirls and mocked her with their dots.  She had not known towels could be so fun!  The Queen brought the towels home to share with her children, (who were less impressed because they lacked the mushroom high) who promptly claimed their favorite.  Each child had a special towel and from that time on, there was peace in the Queendom.  Mostly.


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  1. Deb Gregory White says:

    Good idea! Not to mentiont he ‘shrooms! :)

    1. annie kip says:

      It is good to be Queen!

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