Entertaining Chickens

 Chickens get bored.  Who knew?

I suppose they have such teeny, tiny little brains that they instantly forget all the nonstop fun they just had pecking at a speck in the dirt.   

Maybe their brains just aren’t sophisticated enough to fantasize and wander and daydream.  Besides, there are no handsome roosters strutting around. 

Maybe my chickens are just genius’s and need a little more stimulation than other chickens.  They do snap to attention every time I unlock the back door.  It seems like they know a treat might be coming their way.  Or maybe they are just surprised by the sound each and every time.  It’s hard to tell.  It seems they may take after me one way or another.  I’m just saying…

I looked up how to keep chickens entertained and found this clever idea on backyardchickens.com.  To give the chickens a little brain enrichment activity, I put kitchen scraps in a suet bird feeder and hang it inside their coop.  This makes their treats a bit more difficult to get at.  Not to be mean – just to stimulate their little brains.  Sort of like soduku.

I put all kinds of good stuff (particularly the perfectly good food my children have rejected) in the suet feeder – leftover pasta, any vegetable scraps, especially the green ends of carrots and lettuce and sometimes even a cut up apple for a real treat!

Putting the suet feeder on the outside of the coop was not very nice.  I just hung it there to get a good picture of it for you, but it was probably very stimulating for the chickens.  Or perplexing.  Or frustrating. 

Putting the suet feeder on the inside of the coop is much nicer.  This makes it much more accessible and I think the suet feeder bouncing around as they peck at it is sort of stimulating for them.  Or perplexing.  Or frustrating.  But not as perplexing and frustrating as soduku is.  Every time they try to hold the pen they fall over.  My chickens just don’t seem to understand the whole balance thing.  It is very perplexing.  And frustrating.



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  1. Deb Gregory White Reply

    Your chickens are beautiful! We forgot to talk about them during our last telephone conversation!

    • annie kip Reply

      The are a riot! I wish you could come have coffee and watch them with me!

  2. Sara Tetreault Reply

    Annie, this is such a good idea. I’m glad you moved it inside the coop because I was feeling bad for your not very smart creatures. Oh, did I say that out loud? Chickens do love kitchens scraps – thankfully!!


    • annie kip Reply

      Thanks, Sara! they did seem to like it a lot better when I put it on the inside of the coop!

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