The Plenty Perfect Elastic Stirrup Solution

I predict that you are going to hit yourself in the head and say – “I shudda thought of that!” after you read this post.  I think you are going to forward this post to 10 friends and say “why didn’t we think of this?”  (Yes, please do that – I need readers.  Thank you.)  This plenty perfect solution is so simple, so easy, and so “duh” that I almost feel silly posting it.  The reason I am posting it is that I have not seen this tip ANYWHERE…and I suspect that beneath my simple, forgetful, dopey mom exterior, I just might be a genus.  Oops, I mean a genius.

picture from Pinterestimage from via Pinterest

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  1. Brilliant! And, no I hadn’t thought of this but I will do it. I need jeans to be everything while traveling. Well done, friend!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Annie
    Just cruised through your Blog and it is great.
    I’m happy for you. BTW I actually had (have) a pair of boot straps for lack of a better word. They have clips (that I have to say are a bit bulky) on either side of an adjustable elastic strap. I used them in the 80’s to keep my jeans tucked into my very cool “scrunchy” boots.

    1. annie kip says:

      So smart that you kept them! I found that the clips I used hurt my ankle bones – maybe because my boots are not scrunchy, although I see that look everywhere! I hope you kept the boots too!

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