Plenty Perfect Tip: Keeping Dark Jeans Dark


Maybe it seems obvious to you – wash your brand new jeans in vinegar! – of course!  Duh.

It may seem strange, but the truth is that a good overnight soak in a solution of water and a cup or so of vinegar will help set the dye in your favorite dark jeans.  Every time I have taken the time to do this, I have been very glad later.  (This is really hard when you are super excited to wear your new jeans!)  After your overnight soak, a gentle cycle wash with a little detergent takes the vinegar smell away and you are all “set,” so to speak.

Going forward, it is also a good idea to turn your jeans inside out when you wash them and to consider drying on a line (instead of a dryer).  These tricks help keep the little fibers that hold the dye in the jean fabric from escaping.  Runaway fibers are what makes jeans fade, so hold onto them if you can.

For yet another way use vinegar, check out this blast from the past…


I am not willing to test this for all my blog readers, sorry, but I have been told by a reliable source that Massingill douching powder and vinegar are a good thing to have on hand in case you – or your dog – get sprayed by a skunk, if you can find it (I could not).  I really don’t think you should try douching your dog.  It might be more effective to wash the dog down externally with the solution.   Apparently, Massingill is formulated to neutralize really, really stinky odors.  Yikes.  What were people doing with their hoo-ha’s in the 80’s to make them so stinky???

I happen to think that it is truly amazing that vinegar can do so much. You can eat it – OR – clean floors with it – OR – get rid of really stubborn, stinky smells.  Weird.  If plain old vinegar can do all of this – it seems plenty perfect to me.

Can you think of any other amazing uses for vinegar?


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  1. Taylor Beckett says:

    Doesn’t it seem a little strange that we consume the same produce we use to clean and set dyes? Great idea and I will most definitely use this technique next time I buy something dark!

    1. Taylor Beckett says:

      Product…not produce. PRODUCT

      1. annie kip says:

        I know!!!! Isn’t that weird!!??

  2. So true, Annie! The vinegar also is good to add to workout clothes or whites – well, I keep a gallon next to the washing machine and put a splash regularly. And, baking soda, too. I also hang my jeans to dry after a quick spin in the dryer – say 10 mins – and then I turn them right side out and hang by the belt loops. It all helps to keep your jeans looking dark longer. Don’t get me started about the ’80s…. :)

    1. annie kip says:

      Great idea about the workout clothes – my little boys are starting to smell like men – so I will use this tip! Thanks!

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