Oldies But Goodies – Bad Ass Calendaring

I hope to have my computer back tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a post which bears repeating!

How I become a Google Calendar Rock Star…

I graduated from college and, almost immediately, became a devoted Day-Timer person.  I worked for Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren and thought I was “all that” and then some.  (You know, the way we all do before we figure out that we don’t know anything.)  It was the 80’s and 90’s, so me and my big ole shoulder-pads went to productivity seminars, read the enclosed materials, and mostly sometimes followed the 7 Habits system for managing time.  I loved the leather notebook, the perfect lines, the promise and possibility of a blank page and all of the rules and systems which would make my life, well, perfect.  It all made sense to me!

apparantly, I thought the fashion goal was to look like a football player

This changed when I quit the corporate world and had a baby.  Suddenly, nothing made sense.  My schedule became much more flexible, but then, again, it was more difficult to manage.  Sure, I could stay at the park longer since my little darling seemed content, but I would pay for it later in the form of an over-tired devil child around 5 p.m. I could go to the grocery store any old time, but then again if I didn’t ever get there, we might not have milk for dinner and breakfast. (I have lived through this, actually, and it isn’t the worst thing in the world. We did survive.)

The point is – without a clear schedule imposed by work and a desk, I was less inclined to carry around my big ole Day-Timer just to schedule things that didn’t actually have to get done at any particular time.  Things were a little loose.  Yes, things were beginning to slip.

no actual babies were harmed in the process of taking this photograph

Then I had another child.  And another child.  And somehow, I was surrounded by three sweet, fun kids who were never happy all at the same time.  I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass bottom-kicking contest.

When they got bigger, older, and became more independent things really heated up.  We had to be places at specific times for activities, sports, clubs, lessons, conferences, play dates, parties, performances, etc.  Many times we have had to be three places at once at a specific time!  At the same time, my personal schedule and all the places I needed to be seemed to increase exponentially as well.

Needless to say, I was late a lot, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Then came…Google Calendar!  Don’t get me going at a cocktail party – I will talk about this thing like it is some kind of new religion.  I still love paper and use it to plan and think and make pretty things all the time, but Google Calendar has brought awesome to my scheduling powers like nobody’s business.

TOP 10 REASONS I LOVE Google Calendar

1.  I can see and input events into my Google Calendar on my iPhone!

2.  Multiple calendars can be viewed at once – so I can see conflicts before they happen!

3.  I can customize calendars with pretty colors! – pink for “Annie’s Calendar,” orange for “Kid Activities,” somber blue for “Parenting Schedule,” and hot pink for “Annie’s Crazy Perimenopausal Cycle,” etc.

4.  I can choose to share individual calendars with others (or not share with anyone, as in the case of my “Annie’s Crazy Perimenopausal Cycle”)

5.  My kids can input their activities into the calendar themselves!

6.  Google calendar is stored somewhere in the clouds, so my computer can never lose it!

7.  Inputting is very intuitive, quick and kind of fun!

8. I can view the calendar by month, week, day – or any custom amount of time I want to!

9. Everything is neat and tidy – no crossing out, no smudged pencil, no heavy notebook!

10. Searching for past or future events is really easy!

Oh wait!!! I have more!!!!

11. I feel like an organizational rock star when I sit down to survey the magnificance of my Google Calendar!

12. Google Calendar is a really interesting topic to talk about at cocktail parties!

13. I can make a new calendar for planning anything! – Meals, Projects, Christmas, etc.

14. My proficiency with Google Calendar shows my kids that I am not a complete techno-idiot!

Disclaimer: Sometimes, I am still late. Sometimes, I still forget things. Sometimes, I still burn dinner. This is not Google Calendar’s fault. I am simply doing my part to live up to my “plenty perfect” philosophy and allow all the other moms (who never forget or burn anything!) feel good about themselves.


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  1. Cheryl Umana says:

    Love the graduation pic Annie!!!! And I may need to now try the Google calendar. We have tried Skedi (an iphone app) but it keeps doing weird things and freezing up on me. Thanks for the tip!!

    1. annie kip says:

      Oh Cheryl – you are an organized gal and you will love it! You can share calendars with your husband and kids so they all know what it going on. You can download an app for your iPhone to view Google Calendar from an icon. Let me know if you need any help and we can chat about it over coffee!

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