How To Comb A Sweater Back To Life

Okay – hold the phone!  Could I really be the last person on earth to find out about this magical thing called a sweater comb???

I have tried using a razor to get pills off of sweaters.  The razor took a LOT of effort to do a lousy job.  I have tried the battery-operated sweater shaver.  It shaved a hole in my sweater.  I have tried to ignore the pills on my sweaters, but I can’t.  So, in my closet, when a good sweater goes bad because of pills, it is hopeless.  Many a good sweater has gone down this way.  They don’t know how to “just say no” to pills.

Before showing them the tough-love and moving them out the door, I sometimes hold on to my favorite sweaters.  I guess my hope it that the next time I take it out, the pills will have magically disappeared.  Or at least become less of an issue.  Alas, no such thing has happened and I have had to cut ties with many otherwise good, upstanding sweaters…

…until I discovered the sweater comb!!!

This little wonder-tool has magical teeth which are able to chew off those pills like nobody’s business.

It took my favorite sweater from this:








To this:









Maybe it is hard for you to understand the depth of my attachment to this sweater.  What can I say – it just works.  It does everything – color, length, style – to work for me.  Unfortunately, I am finding that more and more of my clothes are fitting differently these days.  I have heard this starts to happen in your late 40’s.  I am fighting back, but in the meantime, I am really grateful for what this sweater does for me and I am so happy to be able to revive it.

To make my point abundantly clear, I shall now bust-a-move and show you exactly why this is the Plenty Perfect Peri-Menopausal Sweater.  I hope you have the good fortune to own a sweater like this as you move through the changes in your life!



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  1. You are too funny, Annie! I’m a sweater shaver type of gal – it’s similar to the comb only has batteries and works for you. It also works on upholstered furniture that has a little pilling action going on. Love the graphics :) !!

  2. Susan says:

    Where do I get one!?

    1. annie kip says:

      This sweater is from Garnet Hill, bought on sale a couple of years ago. I was VERY disappointed when it started to pill almost immediately, but I couldn’t part with it because it worked so well otherwise!

      1. Susan says:

        Yes, I love the sweater (and I Love everything Garnet Hill) but where do I get the sweater comb?

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