Favorite Things Friday: Owning An Island

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On Sunday, I am going to an island. An island OWNED by a family. An island owned by a family who are my friends. An island where you can swim and sunbathe naked if you want to because NO ONE is around!

I grew up in California and nobody I knew OWNED an island. I didn’t know you could even own an island until I moved here. I guess it is the same as owning some land at the beach, but having a whole island to yourself seems sort of different.  It is like owning your own country, but smaller. And you have to pay taxes. Still, you can pretend it is your own country and do pretty much whatever you want. You don’t have any neighbors, after all!

Have you ever stayed on a private island? Did you feel safe? Did you swim or sunbathe naked?

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  1. My grandmother owned an island with one house on it and someday maybe I’ll tell you my embarrassing stories!

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