Birdhouse Tomato Stakes


Since I have decided to give my vegetable garden over to the bunnies this year,

I thought I would show you what someone else has done with their garden.

My beau planted these tomato plants for his mom around Mother’s Day. (I know, he’s a sweetheart.)


These birdhouses on tall poles provide year-round interest in the garden,

as well as sturdy stakes for tomato plants.



I planted my tomato plants around the same time and did not give them much water at all.

Yes, I have plant envy. Mine plants are…just…so…small.


(I guess plants need water more than once every couple of weeks – go figure!)

For another great way to stake tomatoes, check out what my friend, Sara, did in her garden!

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  1. Annie, I love the tomato plant and birdhouse combo! Great dual purpose. Thanks for the shout out, too.

    1. annie kip says:

      I love how the tall birdhouses look in the garden and I am happy to say that it does not appear that the birds are getting the tomatoes!

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