Family Get-Away–Woodstock, NH


Easy. I just want “easy” when I travel with my kids. This trip was quick and fun AND it came with lots of time spent together in nature. We actually threw this trip together at the last minute – which is typical of one of mom’s infamous “adventures.” Sometimes “adventures” don’t turn out the way I envision, but we all agreed that this one was actually really fun.IMG_0610

Woodstock, NH is only a couple of hours away from Boston.  On the way there we stopped at the Lost River Caves – a beautiful, natural gorge. For the adventurous (and flexible) types, there were lots of narrow passageways to slip in and out of and climb through, in, and around. My kids loved it!

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The huge granite boulders and sheer rock walls were amazing and it was lovely to walk the beautiful, sun-dappled trails and bridges which wind through this gorge.

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We stayed overnight at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. Although my young companions and I did not take advantage of the microbrews, we did like the way the Inn was set up. Our “room” was actually the first floor of a little cottage. There was not a kitchen, but it was plenty big enough to be comfortable for all of us. There was a pull-out sofa and the fireplace and giant tub were a big hit after being outside all day!

The next morning, we were told about a natural water slide directly across the street. This was a huge surprise and made our trip! I don’t know what it is called or how we would have found out about it if we hadn’t asked where we might swim in the area. It was a blast for the kids. Remember to bring your own inflated tube!  (You can buy one in town, if you forget.) This was a perfect place to spend the day.  I sat out in the sun and watched the kids fool around in the water and ride the “rapids”



The next morning, we ate in the restaurant attached to the Inn, where they offered about a dozen interpretations of eggs benedict and really yummy waffles and chocolate chip pancakes. We did a little more swimming in the rapids and then headed out. On the way home, we stopped at the iconic Clarks Trading Post, where we did rock climbing, rode around on Segway’s, and saw the surprisingly good bear show.


Apparently, you have not had a complete New England childhood unless you have ridden the train at Clark’s and experienced being chased down by the bizarre Wolf Man on his motorcycle. It was really something, let me tell you!  I don’t think you can find this kind of entertainment anywhere else. I wish I had photos to show you, but I am afraid they would be an inadequate representation of the experience anyway.

Our time away felt much longer than it was and was, most importantly, an easy way to spend time together as a family!

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  1. Jean Owen says:

    Annie, Was this another trip than the other you posted ?

    1. annie kip says:

      Hi Jean – this was a trip I took with the kids a few years ago. I wish I could get everyone in the same place again, but they are all off in different directions most of the time now. I am so glad we had these times together!

  2. Steve Elder says:

    I love that you shared something so personal with us. And all the photos too. You seem like a GREAT mom!

    1. annie kip says:

      Thanks, Steve – I am definitely a LUCKY mom! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. How fun, Annie! Looks like a great trip and that it was easy. I’m with you on that word!!

    1. annie kip says:

      It was a very serendipitous trip! I love when “Mommy’s Adventures” turn out fun!

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