Favorite Things Friday – Road Trips

I have admitted that I am a recovering Rule-A-Holic. Apparently, I also have a problem with Perfectionism Abuse. I didn’t realize it was an issue because my life is so far from perfect that it was not even a realistic long-term goal. (See how smart I am – lowering the bar for myself with this whole “plenty perfect” thing?! I can almost hear you cheering, “aim low, sister!”) It is so lucky that I am surrounded by friends who know me and really hold onto what is important to me. They help me remember myself and act as a road map for me when I forget my direction on this crazy road trip.

The truth is, I don’t really know where or how to pare back from wanting to do and be everything I envision. I am figuring it out as I go. That’s part of what is fun about road trips.

I have a well-organized “To Do” list, many pages long that keeps me on track and helps me prioritize.


It is never as much as I would like, but I do make as much time as I can for the important things – friends, family, my honey, writing, being still.

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My kids might not like the idea of the family road trip I have planned for the next few days, but they usually end up having fun. They don’t realize how fleeting this time together really is. We will get out in nature, see new things, watch movies together, enjoy books on tape, and laugh at the same absurd things. I work hard a lot of the time, but make sure that I get to play tennis and do fun things. I am happy to say that my kids usually do the jobs I leave for them when I am out of the house. (As long as it doesn’t involve folding fitted sheets or stirring.) I know very well that I could be in a worse situation and that life is often shorter than we think.


Maybe you are reading my blog because you have it all figured out and are enjoying watching me meander my way down this road of learning to be comfortable with plenty perfect. (That’s fine, but you should be commenting more and filling me in on whatever I am missing!) Maybe you are just looking for a place that makes you feel normal and want to ride along. Why-ever (just made that word up!) you read my blog, I just want to say thank you for listening to my ramblings and finding something that about my life that you can relate to. I really appreciate your sharing your own experiences and thoughts.

Today, I am taking the kids away for a few days on a road trip. I am hoping for few good memories and even fewer distractions. I will be less plugged in and won’t be able to respond to your comments until next week, but I will be reading them. I am trying to be okay with that. I guess it is all about enjoying the ride.

Are you in?

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  1. Yes, bring on the low tech road trip! We’re doing the same thing soon. It’s important to connect with each other and nature – and IRL – in real life 😉

    1. annie kip says:

      Low tech is so nice! I am so glad we didn’t go to a place with built-in entertainment – this was plenty perfect for us!

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