Favorite Things Friday – Handmade Gifts


Every time I look at this beautiful bowl, I think of my dear friend, Erica. I think of all the fun, special, meaningful times we have had together. I think of that run we took through Forest Park in Portland, OR – and how, when we got to the end, we both said, “AGAIN!” and ran it all over again. Just because it felt so good.

I think of the great food she cooks and that brunch with her family when her daughter started fooling around with some bongos. We all grabbed shakers and drums and made wonderful music that morning with our tummies and hearts so full. I can still touch that feeling because of this bowl.


My friend’s hands painted all of the details – the leaves, the yellow, the orange (her signature color!), the touches of blue, and the special words. I remember waving to Erica and her husband as I drove away, moving to the East Coast and the ache I felt at leaving. I live so far away now and we have busy lives, but I can keep her close with this bowl.

Handmade gifts can do that in a way that nothing else can.

Her husband, Michael, made this ornament for me. I love it too much to put it away with the rest of my Christmas decorations. He made it with the power of his own lungs. I guess some of his breath is probably sealed inside. I like that. Anything handmade carries a piece of the person who made it.


I love all of the clay creations my kids have made made for me. Especially the sweet little boxes and vases.SONY DSC

I can see the progression of their abilities over the years and I love knowing that they worked hard on these things because they wanted me to be happy.


I love the iguana I got for Mother’s Day,

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

the beaver I got for Christmas,


and even creations I can’t identify anymore.


I even love the handmade gifts which were made by someone I don’t know, because I know the giver picked them especially for me. I know there is no other thing in the world with this exact same combination of orange and pink which made my beau think of me when he saw this.SONY DSC                       What are your favorite gifts?

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  1. Annie, I have very similar clay items made by my kids, too. I love receiving and giving handmade gifts as well.

    1. annie kip says:

      You have some great handmade gift ideas on your blog. I am always looking for good, quick ideas!

  2. Deb says:

    Beautiful post, Gal!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. annie kip says:

      Thanks, Deb!

  3. Handmade gifts are my favorite, too! I have a wooden bowl my grandpa made for me in 1990 that is one of my favorites. Sweaters my grandma knit. Paintings and photos from my sweetheart. All kinds of things from my kids.

    When I was growing up, I made all my Christmas gifts for family members because my grandparents said that is what they love best. I’m too busy to do that now, but I hope that at some point, I can do that again.

    Loved seeing your treasures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. annie kip says:

      I know that making things takes so much more time. although I love getting handmade things, I find I don’t have a ton os time to make gifts myself. These days, I do make handmade cards for special occasions and those seem to be appreciated. I see them tacked to my daughter’s bulliton board, so at least I know she keeps them!!!

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