Obsessing About: Sphere Chandeliers

Bellacor capiz and crystal globe

I just have to confess how much I have been thinking about sphere chandeliers lately. You have probably seen me at the grocery store and thought we had a really nice conversation, but no – the whole time, I was thinking about sphere chandeliers. We may have played tennis and you have wondered why I am having so much trouble concentrating – it’s the sphere chandelier dangling in my head. I get going on some work on my computer and, what do you know, I find myself cruising the web looking for sphere chandeliers.

I think I have it handled. It isn’t a problem. Yet.

As you know, I love spheres. I love all kinds of things made in the shape of spheres.  I love the circular, endlessness of spheres. I love how everything is completely, evenly connected in a sphere. I love how there is no beginning and no end to sphere. I love how a great meal and leisurely conversation with good friends can give you that same feeling. So I guess it just makes sense that a giant sphere chandelier would become the one and only thing I want hanging in my dining room.

I love them ALL! The problem is that I can’t find just one I love – with a price I love.

3469750 Bellacor Orb3469763 Bellacor Turq

3469106 Bellacor antique19393032-22-1Bellacor Rust

3469617 Bellacor Simpatico3456753-AP Bellacor crystal globe

I don’t think this obsession is going to pass anytime soon. I know it isn’t really a “need,” but I need a sphere dining room chandelier.

Do you love your dining room chandelier?


All of the images of sphere chandeliers in this post came from www.bellacor.com.

You can also see more sphere chandeliers I like at Pinterest on my Plenty Perfect Projects board.

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  1. Annie, these are so pretty and yet wouldn’t work in our craftsman style bungalow a bit. We splurged on our light fixture for the dining room and had it custom made by Rejuvenation. I absolutely love it – but – it doesn’t clean itself and is generally a real cob-web attractor!

  2. I want one of these for our kitchen! And yes, we love our dining room chandelier. But we don’t use the room as a dining room, so it’s our library chandelier. You can see it here: http://www.thissortaoldlife.com/2012/05/08/lighting-update/ Not a sphere, but it’s own kind of cool.

    1. annie kip says:

      From what I have seen, a sphere chandelier seems like it would fit right in to your house, Rita! I love how you have pulled cool looks together with all of your thrifty finds and repurposing projects. I bet there is a funky sphere chandelier out there just waiting for you to find it and give it a good home!

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