Sandwich Stories: Turkey, please.


I love sandwiches. I can track the important chapters of my life by the sandwiches I ate and where. I have a lot of sandwich stories. It is sort of a special talent I have. I am just lucky that way.

For lunch on my birthday this year, my beau took me out for one of my favorite things in the whole wide world – a “Turkey Terrific” sandwich. I am a fan of just about any turkey sandwich, but this particular turkey sandwich is so good that we are willing to drive a good 30-40 minutes to get it. It is so good that it could only be called the “Turkey Terrific.” And it is.

The guys slice the turkey for your sandwich right there in front of you, add some homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce, a little mayo on a French roll and a little piece of heaven is born. I have never had anything quite like it. And it is so so so good every single time. It was the perfect 47th birthday sandwich.

Another turkey sandwich I really liked was made at a gourmet deli near the expensive ladies clothing store I worked at in high school. This turkey sandwich was made with thinly sliced turkey, shredded ice-berg lettuce, sweet pickles, a sprinkle of Lawry’s seasoned salt with a little mayo on sourdough. LOVED that!

I took the job at this expensive ladies clothing store (called, “Gene Burton”) so I could buy the clothes at a discount, but I ended up being really good at selling clothing and made great commissions. It was just fun to help ladies pick outfits. I guess I showed some creativity, because I also ended up getting to do the store’s window displays. I even graduated early from high school so I could work there and earn more money. Gene loved me!

While eating a turkey sandwich in the lunchroom at this place, I learned (by giving the wrong answer: “mine”), that when the owner of a fancy ladies clothing store asks you “Whose dress is that?” what they really mean is “Which designer made your dress?”

My faux pas was passed around the store and I laughed at myself along with everyone else.

That embarrassing experience taught me two things – how to speak about designer clothing like an insider and the value of remaining unpretentious and being myself. I came to see that being self-effacing and real put people at ease. Being genuine was what made my customers comfortable. Owning up to my lack of knowlege made the more sophisticated sales ladies want to take me under their wings. Being defensive would have made my mistake even more painful and I would have missed out on the chance to connect with these people. It was a lesson I will never forget. And the turkey sandwich was right there with me the whole time.

What is your favorite sandwich?

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  1. Too funny about whose dress! But, what if you had designed it and sewed it yourself??? I’m just sayin!
    That sandwich looks great. I love a good sandwich, too, and for me it’s all about the mustard and these little cherry peppers that I can only find at one store in town. So good. We’re having sandwiches for dinner tonight, too, with turkey, cheese and avocado. Oh, and potato chips 😉

    1. annie kip says:

      You are right! Unfortunately, this dress was not one of my own creations. It wasn’t even a designer dress. Oh well!

      I love the idea of sandwiches for dinner – those sound great! I would love to know more about those cherry peppers. I am always on the lookout for new things to use in sandwiches. Avocado is ALWAYS a good idea!!!!

  2. Deb says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm, that samich looks GOOD!!! Glad you got to have one on your special day with your special beau!

    1. annie kip says:

      It was and excellent day and an excellent “samich”!!!! I just wish the deli in Pasadena was still there – I dream about that turkey sandwich with sweet pickles sometimes! I have tried to recreate it myself, but it is never quite as good.

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