Favorite Things Friday: Adopted Plants


So, “Coffee and Destruction” actually became coffee and digging. When we were walking around her house and waiting for the big digger to be moved into position for maximum destruction, my friend casually mentioned the gorgeous lilies which grew next to her garage and how much she would miss them.

WHAT??? Gorgeous plants going to waste? Something must be done.

We grabbed the neighbors shovel, some plastic trash bags and went to work. These lovely plants would have been wasted if I didn’t just take them right then. It was sort of like an emergency c-section of viable plants.



The plants certainly don’t look like much right now, but neither does that lump of goo they call your baby when it first emerges. Sometimes, you just have to trust the professionals.

This isn’t a root. It isn’t a bulb. It is a tuber. As ugly as it is now, it will sprout gorgeous lilies next Spring. Just like that little red, wrinkly baby is going to grow up before you can say “who used the umbrella in the shower and why are these shoes in the refrigerator?”


I planted these orphan plants in my front yard so my friend could enjoy them as well – every time she drives by! It is the best of both worlds for her – she doesn’t have to raise them, she can just enjoy them! Sort of like a very involved birthmother!


In the excitement of saving plants, we asked the guy with the digger to pull out and set aside some big bushes. Um. Really big bushes. Which we could not move. And then the digger was gone. Oops.

Luckily, some neighbors with a trailer were able to roll a couple of them away and the beau was willing to grapple with the other ones. Phew. I guess you could say this was a plenty perfect effort at saving plants.IMG_1647

I got rid of overgrown bushes at home this week too. My daughter helped me trim back the bushes around our house and the beau came by with a truck and hauled them away. Yep, we gave those bushes quite a haircut. I am so lucky the beau is willing to roll with my projects and help clean up the messes I make!

Have you ever adopted plants from friends?

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  1. Yes, I’ve adopted plants. It’s great-mature, beautiful plants for free. But even better is your use of the word “beau.” I just cannot say “boyfriend” without squirming and qualifying. It’s just not the right word at this stage of life. Beau has been my word of choice for a while now, but I’ve never heard anyone else use it. Maybe we can start a trend?

    1. annie kip says:

      I totally agree – finding the right word for a committed, but not married, relationship at this age is so hard! For me, “boyfriend” always feels like it undersells what the relationship is. He is not a just a friend and certainly not a boy. “Special friend” is a little too middle-school for me. “Gentleman-friend” and “Traveling Companion” are what we have when we are 90. “Life Partner” is too new-age for me. So “beau” it is – I am an old-fashioned girl with a new-fashioned relationship. I am glad to know you feel it is appropriate too!

  2. Annie, my yard is filled with adopted plants! It’s such a neighborly and friendly way to share our love of plants and greenery to divide and share with others. I also got rid of 2 big rhododendron bushes by posting them on Craig’s list – you dig, you haul – while I watched them from inside the house drinking coffee! Cute pictures of you!!

    1. annie kip says:

      That is a brilliant idea!!! I love “you dig – you haul”!!! Good thinking!!!

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