Favorite Things Friday: Something From Nothing


To wrap up this week-long conversation about nothing-ness and something-ness, I want share some art which exemplifies this concept. This piece was made by my friend, Ingrid Goldbloom-Bloch. Many of the people who know her, have no idea that she is an incredibly accomplished artist. Her work has been featured in countless publications and is exhibited all over the country.

Art takes time. I know it is challenging for Ingrid to make time to imagine, experiment, and create.

If artists, like Ingrid, did not feel driven to carve out the time for this process – not knowing what will become of it or if anything will be created at all –  there would be no art.  This thing of unusual, raw, delicate beauty, would never come to be.


It is easy to forget that this beautiful creation is made from discarded eyeglass lenses!


Creating art – especially out of discarded materials – is truly the epitome of making something out of nothing.

Here is the official information about the exhibit where this piece is currently being shown…

Underneath it all: Desire, power, memory & lingerie is an art exhibit featuring the work of ten women artists from the U.S. who create or use underwear as objects or topics in their work. Each artist has a vivid and personal point-of-view and talent.
Working in both two and three dimensions, this collection of artists produce work of the highest quality and power. Many of the artists employ traditional craft associated with “women’s work”; sewing, embroidery, patterns, weaving, but with an edgy, contemporary eye and results. Often, they utilize materials not associated with delicate undergarments, such as aluminum cans, paper, hair, and playing cards. Others create non-traditional representations of lingerie-as objects of memory through vintage imagery, gender statements or stark depictions. These images portray a range of feelings, from security to loneliness.
All of the artists confront various issues associated with lingerie, and the exhibit is organized around three main ideas: desire, power and memory. Sexual politics, gender identification, body image, mass marketing, and privacy are ribbons that run through the various works. Some pieces are homages to textile work and workers; some are ironic and witty depictions of idealized female forms. The ability of each artist to depict her point-of-view through her work is compelling.

For more information go to:  http://underneathitallartexhibit.blogspot.com/p/our-artists.html

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is too funny. I think my eyes are focused on my own set – mostly because gravity is really taking hold of them :)
    Ingrid, you are very talented and I love the reused factor here. Great job!

  2. Leslie says:

    wonderful post… and about our great artist friend, Ingrid! what a nice surprise on your blog site. I’m happy to be a subscriber… I THINK when I checked out your blog in the spring it didn’t have that “subcribe by email” place… but maybe it did and I just missed it.

    Keep writing. Keep thinking. Dreaming.

    thank you — and don’t forget the worms, I remember them, too.


    1. annie kip says:

      Thanks for reading, Leslie!!! I do need to check on the worms, they are mostly self-sufficient, but from time to time they need some reassurance that are not forgotten! Glad you were able to subscribe!!! Thanks for doing that!

  3. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for the shout out Annie. I want to add that the
    Art is called “My Eyes Are Down Here”

    Also guess who took these beautiful pictures for me?
    Our own Plenty Perfect blogger. Annie Kip!

    Speaking of focusing in the wrong place …. Sometimes
    We are so consed and distracted by something ( in this case big boobs)
    That we forget to simply focus our gaze on something else. It really is a subtle
    Shift that can cause huge change.

    In my art I try to take a common object that normally goes unnoticed
    And repurpose it into something entirely different from its intended purpose.
    My goal is to have people pause and pay attention to materials that might ordinarily be overlooked
    But more importantly to help people find beauty in common objects and to see things in a new way.

    1. annie kip says:

      Ingrid – I just love your art! Thanks for letting me show it off here. I love the way your mind works and the things you think about that add to the way you create and put things out into the world. Thanks for giving us all something to look at and think about!

  4. This is very cool. I am longing to do some different kinds of creative work. I want something smaller scale. No more big paintbrushes for awhile. I like the idea of using discarded materials. Thanks for the inspiration.

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