Getting Your Weekend On

Falling asleep while reading. And not making yourself wake up. Delicious.


Dressing to please yourself. Big white shirt, denim cut-offs, and sneakers. The art of looking like you didn’t try.


Weekend-wear for guys too. A white button-down shirt is almost always a hit. And nothing says weekend like a saddle leather belt and loafers.


Boyfriend jeans. With a sweatshirt style sweater that isn’t too long or baggy. Interesting, funky flats for a dash of style. Comfy cute.


A weekend getaway bag. It is part of your outfit, so make sure it says what you want it to say.


Time for laying around.  Blank walls are a nice contrast to the chaos of a busy week.


The different feel, and smell, and sound of a weekend day. Especially in the city. Stillness.


Time for coffee and sleeping in just a little bit later.


Even though weekends are not always as calm and quiet as we might like them to be, I try to keep these kinds of images in my head and find pockets where these things can fit in. Really lingering over my weekend morning coffee. Feeling the coolness of my cotton sheets as I doze in the morning. Staying in bed until it is light outside. Riding my bike for errands when I can. Dressing in old favorites. Looking for the perfect overnight bag, just in case I get to go away.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

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  1. Rachael Reply

    My ideal weekend starts with waking up naturally, not with an alarm! Taking a walk with my dog, a cup of tea while doing my morning reading, potatoes and eggs for breakfast. Then just having a quiet day to myself. Even if I’m cleaning or doing other chores around the house, just having a bit of solitude and quiet makes all the difference. Unfortunately I don’t get that luxury very often!

    • annie kip Reply

      That sounds like a plenty perfect weekend morning. It is interesting that some people get their energy from time spent alone – I am like that too!

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