National Match-Up Day


Happy Monday! Today is the day officially designated as “National Match-Up Day” by my friend and fellow blogger, Sara, over at

No, this is not the day you have to wear the same clothes as your significant other. Thank gawd.

No, this is not the day you have to get all of the socks into pairs. Thank gawd.

No, this is not the day you have to put all of the right school forms in the right backpacks. Thank gawd.

No, today is much easier!

Today is the day that you make sure all of your food storage containers have matching lids! Yay! I love doing this because it means I get to throw things away. With no regret whatsoever! Less stuff means – well, less stuff! To clean, to keep track of, to wish I could find a lid for!

As you may know, I live in a fairly small house. Less stuff is kind of the holy grail around here. I swear, I will fill up whatever space I have with “stuff.” In New York City, we lived in a two bedroom apartment with three kids. All of our stuff fit in that apartment. Including strollers. And high chairs. Now I can barely fit our stuff in a 3 bedroom house with a garage – and there is one less person living here!!! It is a constant battle between me and the stuff.

My secret weapon in the fight against too much stuff is to make things do double duty. These are my drinking glasses.


When used with a plastic lid, they become food storage containers. I love this. It just makes me happy. SONY DSC

I try to keep only a few essential food storage containers beyond the drinking glasses. A couple of big squares, a container I could give away in case I need to share soup with someone, and a few portion-sized containers for leftovers. Luckily, our main food staple, leftover pizza, fits nicely in a plastic bag which can be used several times.

This is the place I keep my food storage containers. Yes, it is small.


Here are the contents of that little nook. Yes, that is a lot of stuff.


Once I matched up everything, got rid of extras, put other things away where they belong, this is what I ended up with.


Technically, the salad spinner and blue egg cooker are not food storage containers, but they are plastic, so for some reason it makes sense to me to keep them with the food storage containers.

Everything fit into one wire basket drawer. Making the lids and containers easy to grab keeps things from getting out of control. If you have to dig for something, you are definitely going to make a mess.


I was able to organize some of my other small appliances (I love small appliances!) in the second wire basket drawer. Winning!


This extra storage space was a bonus I didn’t expect. (Also, I don’t mean to brag but did you notice the very clever use of the copper water line to the refrigerator as a custom salad spinner holder? Are you jealous?)  You never know what good things will happen on “National Match-Up Day”!


Do you clean out your food storage containers on a regular basis? Did you do it today?

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  1. Sara Tetreault Reply

    Annie, I was wondering what that little copper cable was! I love the double-duty-ness of those drinking glasses. Do the lids stay on well? I really like how you keep it simple and maximize your space. Thanks for the sharing the holiday with your readers!!

    • annie kip Reply

      The lids fit very tightly. I love being able to see what is in there! So glad you started this “holiday” or I would never have gotten around to cleaning out that cupboard!

  2. Deb Reply

    Love this blog idea! Being unable to find the lid to a container is one of THE most frustrating things in the house! Where did you find lids to match your glasses? I like that idea … a lot!! Way to go, Annie!

    • annie kip Reply

      I have seen the lids in various cooking stores, but recently at Crate and Barrel! I especially love that the drinking glasses are nice and sturdy, which is great when you have boys, as you probably know!

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