Umbrella In The Shower


I can just hear you saying…is that an umbrella?…in the shower???…who uses and umbrella in the shower????

I have asked myself those same questions, my friends. Yes, every time I have stepped into the shower over the last few weeks, I have wondered to myself “why is there an umbrella in the shower?” Why over the last few weeks? Because as soon as I am done showering, I forget completely about the umbrella in the shower. Gone. No memory of it. At all. Until the next day when I take a shower and wonder, again, “which one of my knuckleheaded children brought an umbrella into the shower?”

So, I still have not actually asked anyone in my family “why is there an umbrella in the shower?”  Because I keep forgetting to. All I know is there are three likely culprits, each with a motive.

One of them (the one who sings in the shower) could have been thinking of the old romantic movie “Singing In The Rain” and decided to add to the shower singing experience with props. Because, apparently, showering is boring and entertainment is needed.

One of them (the one who can make a game out of anything) could have been creating a secret fort in the bathtub, complete with “guys” hanging from soap dishes, washcloth bunkers, loofah life rafts, and little toy body parts stuffed into the faucet. Because, apparently, bathtubs aren’t just for bathing – you can play in there too. For hours.

Or one of them (the bathing conscientious objector) could have used the umbrella in the shower in defiance. A protest, if you will. Perhaps using the same extreme logic he used when he sprayed his hair with “All-Purpose Cleaner” to fix his bed-head before school. Figuring that fixing his bed-head was among the things that might be included in the definition of “all”  it made sense to him. The spray bottle does say “All-Purpose,” so perhaps I should have clarified that this spray is not to be used to put out fires, brush teeth, or to make his brother stop snoring. Because, apparently, his brand of extreme logic has enabled him fulfill my request that he “go get in the shower” without actually bathing.

Do you have a guess about how the umbrella found its way into the shower?

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  1. Elyse says:

    yes – the most logical and rational one! Someone came home with a dripping umbrella and very thoughtfully let it drip dry in the shower rather than putting a wet umbrella on the nice wood floor in the front hall – which is what every one of my kids (and husband) would have done! Whoever did put that umbrella in the shower was being very considerate!!!!

    1. annie kip says:

      that is possible – because, of course, why would anyone leave a dripping wet umbrella outside???

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