Three Simple Ideas For Making Your Weekend Happier


Happy weekend, everyone!

Fall sports and activities have begun and the schedule seems to be filling up quickly at my house, so I am thinking ahead about how to make sure I hang on to a little bit of the relaxed feeling of summer during the busy weeks and months ahead.

Here are 3 very simple ways to make your weekend feel like a relaxing break from the regular, even busier, work-week.

A Technology-Free Sunday as my friend, Sara over at does with her family.

Have you ever tried this? My kids would definitely freak out, but it might be worth it.

Napping. Do you like to nap on the weekends? I can only nap for 30 minutes or else I wake up too tired and my day is wrecked!  Here is a great article on how to nap effectively.

A plan to have even just one meal together on the weekend, since it seems harder and harder to find a time for everyone to eat together during the week – even if it means taking them out to dinner. Here’s a funny article about what happens when Forced Family Fun becomes Free Family Fun from the lovely Ronna Benjamin at!

Here are some great meal ideas from my friend, Amy Connolly’s blog, Simple Moments Each Day.

If weekend family brunch is your thing, maybe pancakes are in order. Have you seen these amazing pancakes?


More cool pancakes and photo source:

If you just want to make pretty designs, a squirt bottle is all you need!

lacey hearts Photo source:

When my kids were little, I would make designs with the pancake batter and let them guess which Pokemon character I had made – even though I had no idea what I was doing.

Guess what? They were always right! (Amazing!)

And they thought I was a rock star pancake-maker! We all felt good. Win-win!

Thinking through what you want the weekend to feel like ahead of time and taking steps to make it happen seems to be key to happier weekends.

What does your weekend usually feel like?

Do you sometimes find yourself exhausted at the end of the weekend? Me too. Arrrrg. I hate it when that happens!

How do you keep weekend-burnout from happening at your house?

I hope this weekend makes you feel refreshed and ready for next week!

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  1. Hi Annie!
    Well, I love a weekend where there’s a project and then there’s downtime. I like the combination of both – work then play. Also, a long walk in the park is always part of the weekend plan.
    Wine in the evening, too!!
    Miss you!! xoxoxo

    1. annie kip says:

      I agree – nothing is quite as restful as rest after accoomplishing something! Wine is good too!!!!

  2. Natalie says:

    The key to a happy weekend for my family is to Start Thursday. My son and I have Dance Party house cleaning, he gets $25.00 and I get a clean house. Turn the music up and clean for one hour! Set out all of the cleaning supplies in the necessary rooms and GO! you get a great workout because you are dancing and cleaning and the chores are done for the week. We also have movie laundry time on Tuesdays. Sunday after 2pm is tech free and quiet. I prepare dinner with a quiet classical in the background and my son reads and my husband reads or helps me with cooking. That Sunday afternoon was my New Year Resolution, so far we are doing good. Yard work is done by me Friday afternoon, plug into my ipod, go nuts for an hour or so, that way I can treat myself with a cold beer and it isn’t a school night.
    I figure a little extra time during the week makes for a stress free, duty free weekend!

    1. annie kip says:

      HI Natalie – It sounds like you have really put a LOT of thought into this! Great ideas! And if I could get my teenagers to dance and clean, I sure would. Makes me wish I had trained them in this method earlier! Having a duty-free weekend is so nice when you can arrange it. It does take effort and forethought. Thanks so much for sharing the ways you manage it!

  3. Deb says:

    I have been thinking a lot about making Sundays technology free, but haven’t yet set that in motion. Would not go over well here, either, especially with my hubby liking XBox on the weekends (we’re game free during the week), but think I’ll give it a try, especially with football season upon us (we meet others elsewhere). And I agree with you on the nap thang — 20 minutes is refreshing for me, when I can get it! Happy weekend and thanks for all the great tips! xoxoxo

    1. annie kip says:

      I wish I had made Sundays tech-free when the kids were younger – the older they get the harder it is to make a change like this! The other thing I wish I had done is make the upstairs a tech-free zone – to keep them from watching stuff on their iPads, etc. Maybe your boys are still young enough? Happy weekend, gal!

  4. Rita says:

    This is likely cheating, but the best way to make my weekend feel relaxed is a 4-day work week! Originally it wasn’t my choice, but now I’d never give it up (unless I absolutely have to). I take Mondays off, and I use that day to meal plan, grocery shop, and take care of household chores. That means I can spend fret-free time with the family on the weekend–and give myself some down-time, too.

    But I love all the great ideas you’ve linked to here. I might have to try some squirt-bottle pancakes. Those lacey ones are gorgeous!

    1. annie kip says:

      You are so funny – I think that doing all of that work on Mondays is a great idea, but should be considered a work day – certainly not a day off for you!!! I know how good it must feel to have time to get it done and not have to squeeze that work in with everything else you have to do, but it is still real work. We take ourselves for granted without realizing it! Being able to spend time with the family, relaxing on the weekends is so valuable!!!

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